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Class Resources Utilized by Pattonville Computer Science Students

Students in Pattonville's computer science program utilize a variety of online resources throughout the course of the class. Each student is given a private gmail address, which connects them to a large number of online google services; like Google Drive and Google Calendar. Pattonville's Computer Science classes also use the newly founded Google Classroom to gain access to assignments and receive updates pertaining to projects and homework.

Pattonville's two Project Lead the Way (PLTW) course, Computer Science Engineering (CSE) and Computer Science Application (CSA), also use PLTW 's online "Learning Management System" (LMS) to access helpful documents and class assignments.

During certain specific units, Pattonville students also use the code sharing service GitHub to share their code with other students enrolled in Pattonville Computer Science. Visit: to see some of the projects that Pattonville students have created.